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Prince Navarion is tired of being a figurehead. Frustrated by his uselessness and suspected by the ruling council of possessing dangerous political ambitions, he sees no chance of ever serving his people in a meaningful way. When a soul-bonding ceremony and a chance meeting leave him with impossible magic, Navarion stumbles into a role he never imagined—but even the city’s new masked hero may be no match for the threat rising to meet him.

Alahir Khiyamat is Navarion’s best friend and bodyguard. Guilt-stricken after failing to protect his friend from the magical “curse” and haunted by the death of the friend he couldn’t save, Alahir faces a choice: find a way to get rid of the magic, redeem himself, and protect Navarion from political machinations (and from himself), or respect his friend’s desire to use his new power—and risk losing him to an even greater danger.

Daystar (working title) is an adult fantasy about friendship, forgiveness, change, and responsibility. Also coffee.