TMIVanrestK.T. Ivanrest did not realize until after choosing her pen name that everyone was going to pronounce it “Katie.” Which is unfortunate, because her real name is Kate and she spent a lot of high school being confused with someone named Katie who shared her last name. Seriously, how many times did she have to tell them she didn’t play soccer, and would they please stop calling her to the main office for soccer-related things??


Kate wanted to be a cat or a horse when she grew up, but after failing to metamorphose into either, she began writing stories about them instead. Her first fanfiction, long before she even knew fanfiction was a thing, was inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s Catwings books. After winged cats came unicorns, and once the dragons and their riders arrived, there was no turning back.

When not writing, Kate can be found sewing, editing, and drinking decaf coffee and bubble tea. She has a PhD in Classical Studies, which will come in handy when aliens finally make contact and it turns out they speak Latin.

Her real hair is not nearly as awesome as the wig she is wearing in the above photo.

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