Equus is here!

It's launch day! Happy Book Birthday to Equus!! To celebrate, I'm sharing one of the posts I wrote for the blog tour, which originally appeared over on Angie Rega's blog. Check it out there, or read it below!   Four (and a Half) Fun Facts about Lightless 1. Almost all of the names in this… Continue reading Equus is here!


Equus Guest Post — FrankenHorse

When you run the stories of the Elephant Man and Jack the Ripper side by side, you get a tragic kind of tapestry that is gruesome on the side of the gentlemanly doctor, and gentle on the side of the freak show performer.


Equus Blog Tour

Can you hear the thundering of hooves? That's because Equus is coming in just 12 short days! Now that the Battle Royale is almost complete (vote in the final round here!), some of the contributing authors are having a blog tour. Check out posts on where we found our inspiration, fun facts about our story… Continue reading Equus Blog Tour