Story Mad Libs: Lightless

Equus is coming, and you know what that means? It means July, which means even HOTTER temperatures than we already have, which means people doing crazy, heat-induced things!

In anticipation of Equus’ release, I thought we could turn the crazy toward my story, Lightless—by Mad Lib-ing it. I’ve got a 200-word excerpt of the story ready to be rendered hopelessly silly, so here’s what I need from you:

  • 7 nouns
  • 3 adjectives
  • 1 transitive verb
  • 4 intransitive verbs
  • 1 location

Leave your (PG-rated) words in the comments, and when all the slots are filled, I’ll publish the result!

Note: Please only one word per commenter to start. If I don’t get many comments, I’ll open it up to those who want to suggest more words.

Let the silliness begin! *Heads off to turn on AC*



6 thoughts on “Story Mad Libs: Lightless”

  1. Lol! This is a great idea. 😀 Looking forward to the results.
    7 nouns: thumb tack, envelope, camera, princess, lego, train, cloud
    3 adjectives: narrow, obvious, united
    1 transitive verb: combat (I think that works? I had to google “transitive verb” lol)
    3 intransitive verbs: sneeze, die, ambush
    1 location: Oxford


    1. “Thumb tack” — my poor characters! XD

      Thank you! I won’t be able to use all of these because I want to give other commenters a chance to contribute words, too, but I will definitely be grabbing a few!


  2. All right – how about…
    Nouns: road apples, spigot, bucket, bridge, spaghetti, tree, guitar
    Adjectives: gargantuan, laughable, irritated
    Transitive verb: shovelled
    Intransitive verbs: sneezed, fainted, pounced, snored
    Location: West Edmonton Mall.


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