Battle… START!

It’s here! Sona from my story Lightless is facing Pat Flewwelling’s kelpie from The Boys from Witless Bay over on Rhonda Parrish’s blog!


Want to read the opening paragraph of Lightless before the story’s released? Vote for Sona and if she wins this round, I’ll share it on the blog!

Meanwhile, stop by tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday for updates to this post as I roll a d20 each day to try and steal votes from Pat. Guess I should go open that box of dice and warm them up a bit. Or shall I wait and do my first-ever roll tomorrow?


pixa (640x428)


And now, we roll!

IMG_4968 (800x506)
Wore my lucky horse bracelet! It’s gotten me through everything from high school exams to my dissertation defense.

Drumroll, please….

Brrrrrrrrrrrr….. (it’s a drumroll, I swear):

Not bad for its first-ever roll!

Day Two!

IMG_4969 (800x601)
Hm. Well that sucks.

Day Three!

IMG_4975 (800x533)
…which wouldn’t be bad at all if Pat hadn’t rolled a 16.

1 thought on “Battle… START!”

  1. See, Whoa Nelly (the Kelpie) has some pretty pranksterish allies in Witless Bay. The Boys might have swapped out your dice for bad dice. For that, I apologize. Sort of. A little. While snickering behind my hand.


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