Battle Mode!

The Equus anthology launches in July, and you know what that means? Two and a half(ish) months of waiting for 19 awesomely horsey stories. And you know what that means? Well, obviously it means that in the meantime, we’re going to have a BATTLE ROYALE!

Beginning next week on May 2nd, horses from various stories in the anthology will be going up against each other in dramatic, action-packed, all-in-your-mind-because-we-don’t-have-an-animation-team showdowns. Each author has written a D&D-style stats sheet for his/her equine; editor Rhonda Parrish will post the stats on her blog, and YOU, the readers, get to vote on the winner!

To make things extra fun, each author will be rolling three d20s (one each on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) in order to steal votes from their opponent. Here are my brand new dice, purchased last year at GenCon and thus far untested in battle:

IMG_4959 (666x800) (416x500)

How will they fare? You’ll have to stop by the blog to find out. *dramatic music*

My first battle is on May 9th, when a mare from my story “Lightless” will be going up against Pat Flewwelling’s horses (kelpies? pegasi? centaurs? who knows!) from “The Boys from Witless Bay.”

I can only hope the equines are as witless as the bay!

pixa (640x428)
Image via Pixabay

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