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Who wants to date a different character?

And we’re back! (What, no I’m not avoiding writing my novels! Why would you even suggest that?)

Anyway, after Alahir was featured, Navarion got jealous and–

Nav: I don’t recall claiming to be jea–



Today’s Perfect Date is Crown Prince Navarion, also from Daystar. Say hello, Nav!

Nav: Hello! Very pleased to meet you.

(Alahir, are you taking notes?)


1. What’s he look like? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars? What’s his style?

^ Like that. Nav’s known for his green eyes and beautiful smile, which he shares with pretty much everyone. As a prince, he’s very conscious of his appearance and presentation, and is likely to over-dress for your date. (But don’t worry–he won’t be bothered if you don’t do the same.)

2. What kind of music does he like? Food?

Navarion loves the esova, a shamisen-like instrument, though he doesn’t play it himself. (You’re probably better off not asking his 16-year-old brother Anorith to play for you unless you want surly teenage commentary on your date.)

Like Alahir, he loves spicy food, but anything’s good as long as it’s well made. Unlike Alahir, Nav LOVES coffee. If he could subsist on coffee, he would, so be advised: bringing him coffee beans might be the equivalent of a marriage proposal.

Nav: Phah, that’s ridiculous. Books are a marriage proposal, coffee beans are a dowry.

3. What’s his family like?

Navarion has a large family, which is unusual in his world. He has four younger siblings–twin sisters (21) and two brothers (16 and 10); one of his sisters is married and 4 months pregnant.

If you ever have dinner with them, his mother might throw food at you (it’s a sign she loves you) and his father might ignore you (it’s a sign you’re not a noble and therefore not worthy). He gets along with most of them very well, but maybe avoid asking about his father on your date? Unless you like rants.

Nav: I do not rant! *pause* …to anyone but Alahir.

4. Why would he be a great date?

He’s a prince. And the future emperor.

Nav: I like to think I have rather more to offer than simply my status and a role I’ve not yet attained.

He uses lots of adverbs and way more words than are necessary.

Nav: Why do I get the impression Alahir is writing this post?

All right, fine. He’s remarkably kind and sensitive, and has a strong sense of wonder–anything you have to say will be interesting to him, but if you’d rather just listen, he loves to talk and is a great storyteller. He’s also so well read that he can have an intelligent conversation on just about any topic.

(And he’s a prince, so he’ll pay for everything.)

5. Things he values.

Despite having everything handed to him, Navarion values hard work–he spent a lot of his childhood and teen years struggling academically, and appreciates the effort it takes to achieve something that doesn’t come easily. He also values fair play–everything from just laws administered properly to friends not putting you in a choke-hold when you least expect it.

Nav: Was that last part necessary?

6. What would he do for a first date?

If you like coffee, say so, and he’ll take you on a thorough tour of all the best coffee shops in Shovin, followed by a stop at a few confectioneries or bakeries to soak up all the caffeine. If you like books, he has a similar tour of every bookstore in the city ready to go–expect your date to last at least 3 days.

For a fancier and less public date, how about a gourmet dinner in the palace gardens beside the pond?

(Please note that dates with Navarion come with Scion supervision. The matchmaker will ensure that Alahir is not the assigned Scion so that your date is not full of heckling and snarky commentary.)

7. Looking for long-term relationship or just a quick date?

He’s looking for an empress, but don’t worry–it’s a fantasy novel. Commoners marry nobles all the time!

8. We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?

Navarion’s sensitivity means that he’s prone to bouts of self-doubt, and he may rely on you for emotional support fairly often. He’s easily frustrated by failure and loves praise and affirmation, but may disregard your praise if he’s too focused on his problems. Though very generous, he forgets that too much generosity may make others uncomfortable if they’re unable to reciprocate.

Also, he actually likes philosophy.

Nav: How is that a fault?

9. Flowers , chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?

Chocolate and books, and maybe cuddles while you read the book together.


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5 thoughts on “Who wants to date a different character?”

  1. Okay, I might be in love with Nav. At the very least I want to be best friends with him! I’m not really into being an empress but we could at least drink a lot of coffee together!


    1. Everyone’s in love with Nav–I admit, I didn’t see this coming! XD

      If it helps, empress (and emperor) are both ceremonial positions that don’t require any actual ruling. Just lots of high-quality coffee.


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