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Who wants to date a character?

Two posts in a week! I know, I’m setting really high standards for myself, but hey, speaking of high standards! My Twitter writing group is hosting a series of Valentine’s Day blog events, including the famous Date Auction. Because what good is writing male characters if we cannot swoon over them and invite you to do the same?


Today’s Perfect Date is Alahir Khiyamat, from my fantasy maybe-a-trilogy-who-knows Daystar. Say hi, Alahir!

Al: She bribed me with tea, that’s the only reason I’m here.

…..um, right.

Featuring Keith Longhorn as Alahir

1. What’s he look like? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars? What’s his style?

^ He looks mostly like that, but skinnier and with somewhat darker skin, and the yellowish eyes common to his people. Those into tattoos are in the right place! Alahir has an intricate black tattoo running up his left arm, a mark of his position as a Scion swordsman. Warning: don’t ask him about it unless you want to spend the entire date hunting for secret messages in the designs.

Al: They’re totally there!


As for style? Well, let’s just say that whatever you wear will be fine, because he won’t know the difference! (If you do want fashion advice, though, I refer you to Alahir’s best friend, Prince Navarion, who’s up for date auction here.)

2. What kind of music does he like? Food?

We’re going to skip the music half of this question and add it to the “worldbuilding aspects Kate hasn’t yet considered” Scrivener tab.

As for food, he’ll try anything once, and the spicier the better! Coffee shops are a no, though, unless they also sell tea–Alahir hates coffee with a passion.

3. What’s his family like?

Do you like Palasari politics? Debate? Look no further! Alahir’s parents are a walking opinionated Twitter feed. They’re also both academics, and while his father’s cheerful and open, his mother’s a bit uptight. Overall, not a great first date topic, though when he gets to know you better, he’ll probably share stories about his and his (now-deceased) twin sister’s antics growing up.

4. Why would he be a great date?

Alahir’s a spectacular listener and will be more than happy to let you do all the talking, but if you want his opinion, he’ll give it honestly, and probably lots of snarky commentary as well. He’s a highly trained swordsman and martial artist, so no need to fear creeps, thieves, or those rogue magic-users running around the city lately.

And, I mean, look at his hair. Who wouldn’t want to play with it??

5. Things he values.

Above all, Alahir values sincerity. He spends a lot of time guarding nobles and finds their posturing hilarious, so be yourself and he’ll appreciate it. He also values family and friendship highly, and forms close bonds with great care.

6. What would he do for a first date?

He might take you to the Rising festival, but overall he prefers quieter venues–a walk along the river or through the royal gardens (being the prince’s best friend comes with many perks). His preferred spot, though, would probably be the Golden Sun tea shop. Another warning: as with his tattoo, Alahir can talk about tea for hours.

Or are you a martial artist or swordfighter yourself? Because he’d love to show you the Harbor and compare notes over fighting styles.

Al: Best way to get to know someone is to spar with them!


Al: ….not like that!

7. Looking for long-term relationship or just a quick date?

Just a quick date so he can get back to protecting (read: hanging out with) Navarion. But don’t let that dissuade you–the last time Alahir insisted he had no interest in someone, that someone became his best friend.

8. We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?

Like his parents, Alahir’s rather opinionated, and his honesty sometimes extends a bit too far. While friendly, he’s not forthcoming–he’ll answer your questions, but you probably won’t get a lot of additional details in the process. Keep trying–he can be very enthusiastic, you just have to find the right topics and go from there.

And he hates coffee.

Al: That’s a sign of my good judgment!

9. Flowers , chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?

Al: Tea! Nothing says love like tea.

But I thought you weren’t looking for love.

Al: Coffee, then?





4 thoughts on “Who wants to date a character?”

  1. This is so fun! But sadly, I don’t think Al and I would be a match — it’s the coffee thing. Coffee is my favorite thing ever. And I don’t get tea… I don’t think he’d like me. *siiiigh*


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