1K for 1K

Confession time! I don’t know how you writers do those 10K1Day things.

The most I’ve ever written in a day was about 5.5K, and that was during NaNo on Mid-Month Write-A-Thon Day. It felt GREAT, but I can’t imagine cranking out twice that many words in a day and preserving (what little remains of) my sanity.

Second confession time! I’m lazy.

I used to be better about working out, especially when I lived alone and there was no one around to hear my workout playlist (Kpop, basically. WOW, FANTASTIC BABY!). But lately, I’ve been doing a terrible job staying in shape.

Whew! *Wipes forehead* Feels good to get that off my chest.


Anyway. I saw a writer Tweeting about her 10K day recently and the thought occurred… why not try something that encourages both writing and activity? Instead of gluing myself to the couch for an entire Saturday and praying to the patron saint of prolific writing (Thomas Aquinas? Cicero?), why not put the marathon back in “writing marathon”?

And so, without further ado, I invite you all to the first ever



The idea is simple: an all-day writing marathon, but for every 1K you write, you walk or run (or skip or hop) 1K.*

That’s it!  The words get written, but your butt doesn’t go numb in the process, your waistline doesn’t expand from all those writing snacks you’re eating, and while you’re out walking, the ideas are flowing and the plot problems are solving themselves (or, you know, compounding…).

Sound interesting? Then please join me!

1K for 1K Day will take place Saturday, September 24th.

The Rules:

  • There’s no word goal, though you’re welcome to set yourself one. The idea is not so much to crank out as many words as possible, as to create a balance between writing and activity.
  • Write as much or as little as you like. Only have a few hours that day? That’s totally fine! Want to go from dawn till dusk? Also fine!
  • Take breaks whenever you want. Maybe you’re in the groove and you get all the way to 2K before you hit a breaking point–that’s okay, just walk 2k!
  • Check in! I’ll be tweeting using the #1Kfor1K hashtag and would love to see others there as well.
  • Check in again! Visit the 1K for 1K Google spreadsheet and grab a row! After all, we’re writers–we’re not happy unless we’re comparing ourselves to other writers, right?




And there you go! If you’re free that day and in need of some writing+exercise, please stop by!


*That’s .62 miles, but 1K for .62M Day didn’t have the same ring to it.