Hello, future readers, and welcome to the blog!

If you can’t remember how you got here, just walk through that device over there—it’ll remove the Imperius Curse, blood control, the Avatar state, influence of the Force, Namelessness, and anything else that might have muddled with your mind.

Now, I know what you’re thinki–*pauses, glances at above paragraph*

…actually, no. No idea.

But to answer the question you might be thinking, I’m Kate, and I’m the weirdo behind this blog. Aspects of my weirdness include being a cosplayer/costumer, decaf coffee drinker, blue-lightsaber-wielding Jedi, Catholic, cat wrangler, and, of course, aspiring writer.

I went back and forth on the issue of starting a blog for a long time—I have a cosplay blog to chronicle my costume-making adventures (and disasters), but what would I say on a writing blog that hasn’t already been said? Does the world really need another “aspiring writer” blog? Shouldn’t I be focusing on my fiction writing instead?

But! Earlier this year, a short story of mine was accepted to an anthology (wheee!), and in the aftermath I decided that, at the very least, this would be a good place for people to find me. I can’t promise regular updates yet, nor any Huge Forthcoming Publishing News, but I’ve already got some post ideas, so feel free to stick around for Forthcoming Randomness instead.

Hey look, here’s some already!

Five Random Facts about Me

1. I can’t make rice without a rice cooker. I don’t know what it is, but every time I try, it’s a disaster. I think it’s because I try to make it in small quantities and too much water boils away, but rather than perfecting my rice-in-a-normal-pot technique, I’m just going to stick with the rice cooker.

2. I hate microwaves that don’t stop beeping when you open the door. I know my coffee is hot, you don’t have to keep yelling at me! *Twitch*

3. Research suggests that, when you encounter a new scent, your state of mind affects whether you perceive it as pleasant or unpleasant. E.g., if you’re having a great time when you smell something new, you’re more likely to think of it as pleasant in the future. For some reason, however, I can’t decide whether I like or dislike the smell of beeswax. It’s just…weird. Maybe I was having a zen moment the first time I smelled it.

4. Speaking of smell, my PhD thesis looked at the role of odors in Latin literature (approx. 200 BC – 100 AD), particularly how they relate to role/identity and to (violating) boundaries. This meant that, every time someone asked how the dissertation was coming, I got to say “It stinks.” *Rimshot*

5. I went through a phase where I would pass over a book, tv show, etc. if the characters had boring names. Harry Potter? Who wants to read a book about a kid named Harry? Fullmetal Alchemist? Did you really spoil such a cool-sounding story with characters named Ed and Al?

Not to worry, I got over it. Probably about the same time I got over my “Must stick apostrophes and ‘y’s in every fantasy character’s name!” phase. (Permission to wince and flail, granted.)

Aaaaaand in honor of May 4th, aka Star Wars Day, a bonus fact: I’m a member of the Rebel Legion, a Star Wars costuming charity. Here’s a shot of me as Madame Jocasta Nu, the head of the Jedi Archives:

Those tools she carries? NO IDEA what they're supposed to do.
Those tools she carries? NO IDEA what they’re supposed to do.

What about you? Have a random fact you’d like to share? Say hi in the comments and tell me what makes you weird!


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